The Question

The below story is the continuation of David, and Brandi’s adventure. The story began with Middleham Motors, followed by the search and the decision.


 Photo Copyright: Sandra Crook

 David dropped a white bag on the table. “Breakfast is served.”

Brandi pushed the bag away. “You know I don’t eat fast food.”

“Sorry, but given the circumstances it’s the best I can do.”

“Still not an option.”

“Forget the food. I need to show you something. The envelope he left with your surveillance photos contained one other. I don’t know what to make of it.”

David slid the photo to Brandi. “And you think a picture of a littered creek or river, is supposed to mean something to me,” said Brandi.

“It must. Why else would he send it?”

The trip

This week’s flash fiction is the continuing story of Brittany,Harold, and Victor. The story began two weeks ago in the piece titled  Chance Meeting.


Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

As they waited for a table at Wolfgang Puck’s Brittany wrapped her arms around Harold’s waist. “You surprised me with this trip.”

“That was the plan,” said Harold.
Brittany leaned in to kiss him, but midway she froze. Her face became ashen.
“What’s wrong Britt,” said Harold?

Brittany’s voice dropped to a whisper, “Victor is in front of the souvenir shop.”

“Impossible, Victor doesn’t…,” something sharp pressed against Harold’s back.
Victor grinned at Brittany and in a calm tone said to Harold, “We’re going to walk to your car. If you try anything, I’ll kill you here and now.”

The kidnapper continued


 Photo copyright: Jean L. Hays

Pain radiated from Henry’s leg. A moment later, he collapsed with a thud.

Before everything went black a voice said, “ Your death will not be quick.”

He awoke to find Patricia bound and gagged dressed in her bra and underwear.

The kidnapper pressed a gun to the side of Patricia’s head. “Did Henry tell you what

happened to Hope and Jason?”

Patricia’s voice trembled, “They ran off together.”

The kidnapper laughed, “No, Henry killed them.”

The van came to a stop. Two men dragged Henry into a pre-dug grave. As dirt covered his body Henry screamed.

The kidnapper


 Photo Copyright: The Reclining Gentleman

Only one man stood at the midway point of the bridge. As Patricia approached with the rolling cooler she started to sweat.

“Where’s the money,” said the kidnapper?

“Where’s Henry? I want proof he’s alive,” said Patricia.

The kidnapper handed Patricia an iPhone. “Hit redial.”

The call picked up on the first ring. Seconds later came Henry’s hoarse voice, “Hello.”

“Henry, don’t worry….,” the call dropped.

“The money’s in the cooler,” said Patricia.

A van speed up the bridge. Tires squealed, the door opened and Henry dropped out of the van. As Henry and Patricia embraced, two gunshots rang out.

Randal’s journey continued…



 Photo Copyright: Kent Bonham


Randal threw the headset at the instrument panel. “I’m on my own.”

He rummaged the downed helicopter to find a S&W MP 9mm, and a knife. A sharp pain shot up his back as he exited.

“Don’t move… Where’s the pilot?” said a female voice.

His grip tightened around the gun. “He’s dead.”

“Good, now face me. No sudden movements.”

He turned, keeping the gun out of sight. A Spanish beauty held a spear to his chest.

“Please, I want to go home,” he said.

Tears fell as the spear dropped. “So do I, but your pilot stranded me here.”

Henry’s morning



Photo Copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

Henry awoke on a cold surface, his wrists and ankles bound.

Through the gag he screamed, “Help,” but only a muffled sound escaped!

Where am I? I remember bringing Hope’s things to charity. Drove home, and something pinched my back.

He struggled to sit up. A thud filled the air, as his head smacked into a hard object.

He writhed; the effort caused the blindfold to slip. A bright light permeated the space. Oh my god, I’m in a box. Take a deep breath. If they wanted me dead, they would have killed me. In the distance a door creaked.

Jason’s confession continued…


Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

At the sight of blood pooling under Jason’s body Henry trembled. What am I going to do? How can I explain this? With few options he needed to get rid of the corpse. The waterfall warning came back in a flash.

Jagged rocks lay at the base of the sixty-foot waterfall a quarter mile away. Henry placed Jason in the kayak and tossed the knife in the river. Confident it would be classified a kayaking accident. Although there was little blood Henry burned his clothes and bathed. He peered at the stars and smirked. Now, how to deal with Hope?

Dave’s Public Speaking Nightmare

The first time Dave ever had to speak in front of a small crowd of people was the fourth grade. A couple of days before the assignment he was excited, until Mrs. Rowan called on him to present. It was at that moment his stomach betrayed him, with a deep breath he stood. The nausea rose with every step, as he could almost feel all eyes on him. His legs felt heavier than normal, as he turned to face the class. He opened his mouth to speak, the room started to spin and he lost the battle with his stomach. The worst part was that it landed on the desk and shirt of Lindsay, the prettiest girl in class.

Today some twenty-five years later, after avoiding speaking publicly his whole life, Dave’s nightmare was about to come true. It was just after lunch, when his boss Diane walked into his office ignoring he was on the phone.

“That’s correct. We will reship the — “, said Dave

“Dave, I need you to…”

“Can I call you back in a couple of minutes, Jerry? Diane just walked in….Thanks.”

“Sorry, I didn’t see you on the phone.”

“Not a problem. Just putting out a fire. What can I do for you, Diane?”

“Cynthia had to go home and I need you to run the sales meeting at three.”

“To be honest I’m not feeling great myself, can Rich or John cover it?”

“No, this is an important account. Dave, I need you.”

After she handed him the customer file, Diane left without another word. Knowing he didn’t have a choice, Dave’s stomach started turning just at the thought. The hour in between feeling like seconds, before he had to enter the conference room.

While setting up the presentation materials, feeling like he was back in Mrs. Rowan’s class. He was just about to walk out the door, when a very familiar voice came from behind him.

“Hi, Dad,” said his daughter Ivy.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing here?”

“I’m your three o’clock meeting. I was going to tell you about my promotion at Sunday’s dinner,” she said before the other members walked in.

With his daughter watching and waiting, he took a deep breath before starting the presentation. The presence of Ivy easing his nerves allowing him to find his voice and focus. Just under an hour later he said, “Sign on page fourteen and will ship out your first order tomorrow morning.”


The last thing she could remember was running her favorite route around the lake, feeling unstoppable and shattering her best time. Hearing a sound like keys hitting the ground she stopped to look around. There was an almost sickening sweet smell, before everything went dark.

Michelle awoke to a pounding in her head, the slights movement making the pain worse. The tight covering over her eyes, prevented her from seeing anything but darkness. Hearing the sound of metal clanging, as she tried to remove the covering.

Only being able to move her hands a couple of inches, as a sharp pain ran down her arms. Her knees were pulled back, until they were almost touching her breasts. The binding connecting her wrists to her ankles was very tight; keeping her legs spread wide open. Screaming as loud as possible, but the hard and solid object in her mouth made the sound barely audible. Not being able to roll over or get up, as something was very tight around her waist and throat. She laid on the hard surface for what felt like hours, crying deeply at first until running out of tears.

While she lay there waiting, the only thing she could do was listen. The only sound came from the air conditioner, blowing cold air on her bare breasts. Starting to lose the feeling in her hands and feet, her mind started to drift to a happier time.

Two days ago her fiancé Walter, gave her a very special night. Picking her up in a stretch limo, with the best chilled champagne already on ice. They received first class treatment at an exclusive French restaurant, complete with a private room, waiter and violinist. Once dinner was over, they were taken to a theatre for a special showing of her favorite play. At the end Walter excused himself appearing on stage only moments later with the spotlight shown down on him, as he grabbed the microphone.

“Michelle the last three years, have been the happiest of my life. I love you with all my heart and soul. I can’t imagine spending even one day of my life without you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

She jumped up out of her seat and started down the stairs to the stage. Ran across the stage and jumped into his arms.

“Yes Walter, I will marry you.”

Afterwards they were all over each other in the limo, barely made it in the door, before he ripped off her top. They made love with her back pinned to the door, later on the couch and finally the bed. The thought of that night snapped her back to her present, bringing back the tears.

Just as the crying ended, she could hear the sound of keys being turned in a lock. The door made a very loud creaking sound, as it was swung open. She could hear footsteps and the door slamming shut. The footsteps got closer and closer until they were right next to her.

Fingers were placed on the top of her toes, which slowly ran down her leg stopping at her knee.

“You have such beautiful calves,” he said as he slowly moved his hand further down her leg stopping only an inch from her vagina.

She tried to scream, stop, but the sound was muffled.

“Your legs are so beautiful, but I am not ready to have my way with you just yet,” then his hand continued up her waist and touched the side of her breast.

“I knew these beautiful large breasts were real. I am a lucky man,” as he cupped her breast in his hand.

Even though she was gagged, she screamed with everything she had left. The sound was equivalent to a very low grumble, with his hand moving off her breast, up her throat and tracing the outline of her lips.

“I almost can not contain myself. Soon you will be servicing me daily, with those lusciously, soft lips. As I am sure your legs are numb by this point, I will change your position. The sooner you realize, I control everything you do the better. You will eat what and when I permit you.

Hearing a loud metallic clang, her legs dropped onto a hard surface. She could of tried to kick at him or run, if she had any feeling in them. Still unable to move freely, as her arms and legs were still bound, but at least they weren’t bound together. Whatever was pinning her waist and throat down was unlatched letting her raise her head and body, allowing the man carrying her who smelled of sawdust and sweat, to place her on a cold toilet seat.

“Use the bathroom now. This will be your only chance today. You will be punished, if you loose you bladder later.”

He didn’t leave the room to offer her some privacy. Standing over her watching, as she urinated. She was at least allowed to wipe herself, as there was enough feeling in her arms. Once again she was carried by sweat and sawdust, placed carefully on the bed, as if she was fragile.

Hearing the sound of metal being jingled, as he grabbed her left leg. A lock was secured to it and her leg was released. Running his hand up one leg and down the next, freeing her right leg only to secure it to the other corner of the bed. Once her legs were secured, he repeated the process with her arms. Removing the gag from her mouth, he held it open slightly and kissed her hard on the lips. She tried to bite him, but his grip was too powerful. Once he was done, she could feel him move away from the bed. With the gag removed she let out a bloodcurdling scream, but her voice was no more than a whisper.

“Michelle, feel free to scream, as long as you like. The walls have been soundproofed, as an extra precaution, but there is nothing around here for miles. No one could hear you, if they were standing on the other side of that door. You were only gagged to show you, I control everything you do.”

“Please let me go. I’m about to get married. I promise, if you let me go right now, I won’t call the police.”

“Michelle, I would forget about the life you had, before you woke up here. Your only thoughts should be of making me happy.”

“You can’t do this to me! You are never going to get away with this. Walter will find me! You do not own me!”

“Over time you will learn the truth. Tomorrow you will only be allowed water. When you want to eat, you will have to earn food.”

As the door shut again, the sound of the bolt being locked echoed through room. Even if she was tired, sleeping was not something she could do in this position. Lying there still blindfolded, crying softly. Thinking about Walter’s smile, the sound of his voice, and how he must be going out of his mind with grief. She repeated out-loud over and over, “Walter I love you. I will see you again. I am yours and yours alone. My heart and soul belong to you.”