Photo Copyright: Douglas M. Macllory

Mike scratched his head. “Is that a metal raptor? Since when, are you into modern art?”

“Would you believe it’s my security guard,” said Connor.

“How does a sculpture guard anything?” said Mike

Connor snapped his fingers. “Raptor, security test.”

In a blink of an eye, legs emerged from the statue complete with sharp claws. Skin covered with green scales replaced the metal. One yellow eye stared at Mike. As the raptor moved closer on its hind legs, Mike lost his bladder.

“Raptor, end test.” He glanced at Mike. “Do you believe, I’m a wizard now?” said Connor.

Mike remained silent.

18 thoughts on “Raptor

  1. Heh, at first I thought it was a robot, but magic is even better. A real life raptor–that would make anyone wet themselves. Perfect guard, lets hope it doesn’t escape… Great story.

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