Photo Copyright: Santoshwrite

Sabo said, “Today, I would like four volunteers to perform a difficult spell.”

No one dared to accept.

“If you succeed, you’ll receive a passing grade for my class. If you fail, well, try not to fail.”

Everyone stared at their desks in silence.

With a snap of his fingers, Sabo and four boys disappeared.

A moment later, the woods surrounded them.

One of the boys asked, “What are we doing here?”

“Today you will turn into a drop of water and land on this leaf,” said Sabo.

Unable to reform, the boys remained water throughout the weekend as punishment.

12 thoughts on “Water

  1. “Fun piece in a waterboarding sort of way.” LOL!! I think this story is hilarious! Isn’t that just like a bunch of boys and a professor. Hopefully a little critter doesn’t come by and “drink” them. haha

  2. Magical schools have their own rules. I guess in a world where students can read your thoughts, punishment has to be a bit different than in non-magical schools. I liked it.

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