La Ramblas



Emily sipped her café con leche, as she watched the crowds pass by La Ramblas.
Nathan asked, “Where would you like to go next?”
“I want to drink from the La Rambla fountain and see the Miro circle,” said Emily.
“Con permiso,” said the waitress, as she placed a bowl of Natilla in front of each diner.
“After three years of saving, I’m up for anything,” said Nathan.
They strolled past the artists and street vendors. A man pulled Emily’s purse from her shoulder, as he ran past.
Nathan broke into a run after the thief. He yelled, “Basta, Basta!”

12 thoughts on “La Ramblas

  1. Are you sure it was ‘basta’? A couple of letters missing?
    That area certainly does have that reputation, well deserved. But it also has Els Quatre Gats which is an eatery thou shalt not miss – book for around 10.00pm when the tourists have gone and meet the real Barcelonia. Ole!

  2. Ah, what a disappointing end to a great adventure. Let’s hope there wasn’t too much cash in there. Something like that could happen almost everywhere. I remember all the close-to-the-body pouches and purses I used when I was still travelling frequently.

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