La Ramblas



Emily sipped her café con leche, as she watched the crowds pass by La Ramblas.
Nathan asked, “Where would you like to go next?”
“I want to drink from the La Rambla fountain and see the Miro circle,” said Emily.
“Con permiso,” said the waitress, as she placed a bowl of Natilla in front of each diner.
“After three years of saving, I’m up for anything,” said Nathan.
They strolled past the artists and street vendors. A man pulled Emily’s purse from her shoulder, as he ran past.
Nathan broke into a run after the thief. He yelled, “Basta, Basta!”

The experiment


Photo Copyright: Douglas M Macllory

There was a knock on the door. Marissa peered two men though the peephole.

“Can I help you,” Marissa said to the closed door.

“Marissa Romanello, were from Synergy,” bellowed one of the men.

The door opened a crack. “I’ve been selected,” said Marissa.

“If you are still interested, we need to leave in ten minutes,” said the man in the suit.

They rode the elevator in silence. As she stepped into the van something sharp pierced her hamstring.

She awoke in domed structure with four other women and one man.

“Welcome to six months of isolation,” said the man.



Photo copyright: Roger Bultot

Keyley glanced up at her mother. “Mommy, what”s the blue light on the stove.”
“It’s a flame. Never touch it. You’ll get hurt,” said Jamie.
“Can I help,” said Keyley.
“No, because the pancakes are ready,” said Jamie.
Jamie’s cell buzzed on the counter. “Would you go wake Ethan and Daddy?”
With a mischievous grin Keyley said, “O.K.”
Throughout breakfast, Jamie spoke with her boss. At its conclusion, she ignited the wick on a scented candle to remove the horrible smell, which filled the kitchen. As she removed the griddle, she realized her mistake too late.