The buyer


Photo Copyright: Jan Wayne Fields

David knocked on the door three times before it opened.

A Latin beauty in a skintight black dress said, “He’s expecting you. Please wait by the window.”

With his attention on her David never noticed the two men, until a muzzle poked his back.

The man facing him said, “If you don’t have my merchandise, I’ll torture you and your girlfriend in Starbucks, before you die.”

David said, “It’s in the duffel.”

The man unzipped it to reveal an ancient statue of a Roman solider. He handed David a briefcase and said, “Leave.”

The bullet he expected never came.

10 thoughts on “The buyer

  1. A cliffhanger if ever I read one. Did you deliberately leave off the final full stop in the hope I’d fall right off? You’ll have to do better than that since I really did fall off a cliff last summer and I’ve become very cagey about cliff edges since! How I long to find out about that statue and why your characters have it and why they didn’t get the bullet. 🙂

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