Randal’s journey continued…



 Photo Copyright: Kent Bonham


Randal threw the headset at the instrument panel. “I’m on my own.”

He rummaged the downed helicopter to find a S&W MP 9mm, and a knife. A sharp pain shot up his back as he exited.

“Don’t move… Where’s the pilot?” said a female voice.

His grip tightened around the gun. “He’s dead.”

“Good, now face me. No sudden movements.”

He turned, keeping the gun out of sight. A Spanish beauty held a spear to his chest.

“Please, I want to go home,” he said.

Tears fell as the spear dropped. “So do I, but your pilot stranded me here.”

6 thoughts on “Randal’s journey continued…

  1. Dear Cole,

    Take the comma that comes right after the pain shot up his back and move it to right after where he turned and all will be well, mechanically, with your story. The answer to the question of who stranded whom must be somewhere under the wreckage of the helicopter. It’s not clear from your story. Perhaps in the next installment, those still on board will find out.



  2. This is my first time here. So I went back and read Randy’s Journey. Looks like you use the same character throughout the prompts. Interesting.
    I’ve done something similar. Only I went back to old characters and reused them in a new prompt.

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