The Ram’s head


Photo Copyright: Adam Ickes

John exited the hen house, when a loud snort sounded behind him. Fifty yards away stood a large ram of two hundred pounds. He backed up as the ram lowered his head and charged. John raced for the pickup and grabbed the Bushman predator rifle. With the ram now twenty yards away, John knew he would only get one shot. To steady his nerves he let out a controlled breath. The rifle muzzle raised an inch, as the bullet hit above the right shoulder. The ram advanced three feet and fell.

Today, hidden behind boxes is the majestic creature’s head.

15 thoughts on “The Ram’s head

  1. Wow, John must be able to run fast. Talk about grace under pressure. I’ve got a deer head hanging on the wall behind me as I write. My wife hangs bells around his neck at Christmas. So far the grandkids haven’t made the connection.

  2. Hmmm. He could have just stayed in the vehicle till the ram went away which makes me think your character likes killing creatures. Intriguing tale and the actions of the character described what kind of character he was. Well done. I’ll remember that in my own writing. Ann

  3. Cole, Good story full of action and tension. That was one dangerous animal. I wonder why he wasn’t penned up more securely. Of course, that would have ruined the story. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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