Blake’s Morning


Copyright – Erin Leary (Photo)

Through the thick fog Blake could barely see the brown blur, just a few feet in front of his car. Swerving to avoid it, running off the country road and up a small slope, stopping just inches before an old wood fence. Slightly trembling while checking the car for damage, trying to calm his nerves.

Looking up the road he said, “Was that a deer?”

Deciding to go for a short walk noticing about twenty feet past his swerve, a fallen oak tree blocking the road.

“Talk about lucky. I would have driven right into this,” he said looking back.





12 thoughts on “Blake’s Morning

  1. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! This is a great story, drawing us in from the beginning, building, then releasing, the tension, and finally jarring us with the knowledge that Blake barely averted disaster.

    I find myself yearning for his guardian angel 🙂

  2. Welcome to the party! I love how you’ve given us a whole story here on your first go around the carousel, and it’s one that really gets me thinking too.
    If I might offer a little concrit, it would be I felt there were slightly too many -ing words. “Deciding to go for a short walk” could easily have been reworked into another form, for example.
    Look forward to seeing more from you in FF!

  3. Welcome to the addiction that is FF. You and Blake are off to a good start. Your story’s the perfect example of how something you think is bad turns out to be a blessing. See you next week.


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